10 Best emotional support dogs

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10 Best emotional support dogs

So which of the ten best emotional support dogs is the right one for you? This article will take a look at What kind of personality do you want your dog to display? Some dogs have a friendly personality that makes them great companions; others are more laid back and may become bored if left alone with their owner for too long.

1. Corgi

Corgi walks with two different eye colors

They are dogs of elongated shape and low on legs, of vigorous constitution, fast and active. The Welsh Corgi gives an impression of substance and strength in a reduced volume. The head resembles that of a fox. The skull is rather broad and flat between the ears. They are very demonstrative dogs and loyal to their adopted family, as well as very lively, they love to play and release their great energy.
They are very sociable and have great energy, so they will always be for you when you want them.
The Welsh Corgi Pembroke needs a solid education to set limits, so it is best to adopt them into a larger environment, such as a farm.

2. Chihuahuas

The Chihuahua may well be an excellent pet. It is not intended to live alone in your home; in fact, it is a breed that needs a lot of attention. However, it has unique qualities that make it ideal for families who do not want to leave their children unsupervised, or for those who live alone.

Black chihuahuas like a baby

The Chihuahua is brimming with life and energy. His strong temperament and dynamism make him suspicious, even aggressive towards strangers he welcomes with barks that are supposed to scare them away! This characteristic makes the Chihuahua a very good alarm dog. Contrary to popular belief, it is a very active and courageous dog. He will not be impressed by other dogs that are much stronger than him. With his master and his adoptive family, he will be very cuddly, very endearing, gentle, and affectionate. He loves to be taken in the arms of his owner. His intelligence is real and allows him to adapt to all environments and situations.

3. English Bulldog

black Puppy English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is distinguished at first glance by its massive head, which is unequally larger than the rest of the body. The appearance of this breed of dog can be deceptive, as it does not reflect the character of the English Bulldog at all. Behind its coarse appearance and grumpy look is a friendly dog. When he is with his master, the English Bulldog is even very affectionate and sometimes sensitive. When his master raises his voice, he reacts immediately, sometimes stubbornly. Even though the English Bulldog is a very affectionate dog and very close to his master, he remains obstinate. They are even capable of ignoring orders that are too severe or those that seem unnecessary.

4. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a medium-sized dog with a robust appearance, sand, chocolate, or black color. Very appreciated by families, he often suits children with whom he is an excellent play partner. His playful and friendly expression contributes greatly to his success. The Labrador is one of the favorite dogs of the youngest.

emotional support Labrador Retriever

However, he is gentle, loyal, intelligent, and playful. The Labrador Retriever is the ideal companion for all. In fact, it is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Good guardian, it is not too shy. Particularly patient and docile, he is fantastic as a guide dog for the blind. Listening, ardent, and willing, he is highly appreciated by rescuers.

5. German mastiff

German mastiff is a famous and very popular breed. These dogs are renowned for their large size and their ability to communicate through their voices. In particular, German mastiff is used as herding dogs and are known to be very intelligent and alert. Moreover is also used as police dogs and is often employed in narcotics and weapons detection.

Dogue Allemand emotional support

The power that emanates from his physique and barking makes the German mastiff for great guarding. This is confirmed by his affectionate character and his attachment to his masters. Furthermore, it is an excellent companion and a loyal protector for the whole family, especially young children.

6. King Charles Spaniel

King Charles Spaniel was mentioned as early as the 16th century in documents dating from that time. Originally he was used as a hunting and companion dog by the wealthiest families. The King Charles Spaniel has been crossed with various oriental dogs to reach today’s standards, including the Japanese Spaniel.
The King Charles Spaniel is a pleasure spaniel with a joyful, gentle and affectionate character. He is calmer than the Cavalier King Charles and is quite reserved, even though he is very attached to his master and his family. His reserve does not make him an aggressive animal towards strangers. Intelligent and playful, the King Charles Spaniel enjoys the company of children. He appreciates hugs and signs of affection in general. It is not by chance that he is often compared to a cat.

King Charles Spaniel emotional breed dog support

His flair, hearing and intelligence make him not only a pleasant dog to live with, but also relatively easy to train. To show him the limits not to be crossed and to offer him a good socialization are enough to make him an excellent life companion. The King Charles Spaniel loves to play: take advantage of this character trait to perfect his education and strengthen your bonds.

7. Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is a robust, very active dog with a strong personality. He has an elastic body, of medium size. This cheerful dog is known to be a little ball of nerves.

Jack Russell Terrier emotional support

secondly is an alert and energetic dog. With a great intelligence, he is also very lively and courageous. His assertive character makes him a self-confident dog, ready to do whatever it takes. Kind and friendly, he carries a lot of affection for his master. Despite a hunting instinct, he loves family life. He is also a good playmate for children.

Hence, The Jack Russell Terrier is not really made to live in the city even if they adapt easily to it. Nevertheless, its character is not compatible with a life in solitary confined in an apartment. Your housing could even be the cost of it. His ideal place to live remains a house in the countryside with a garden so that he can walk around and exercise.

8. Border Collie

Border Collie emotional support

The Border Collie is a naturally elegant dog with harmonious proportions. The Border Collie is docile and incredibly lively. It is a dog that has a constant need to be on the move. Qualified as hyperactive, he does not know how to stay in place.
However, This can pose particular problems, especially for urban and apartment life. He is relatively easy to train because he is intelligent and has a good understanding. Its sheepdog and hunting genes make it a loyal companion. They enjoy playing with younger dogs and do not care about other animals.

9. Yorkshire Terrier

Under its appearances, the Yorkshire Terrier remains a dog with a personality of its own and quite nervous. Used mainly as a companion dog, it is a very affectionate animal with its master and has a particular adventure spirit. He needs a great love in return. It is very nice with children, but not very patient – he remains one of the favorite dogs in the United States and France. He is also the smallest dog in the terrier family.

Yorkshire Terrier emotional support

This dog of character needs to be given limits. Few people dare to stand up to him because he has the physique of a plush dog. However, it requires early and rigorous education to be able to control it. Behind his natural beauty lies a lively and determined dog.

His intelligence is both an asset and a disadvantage because he understands every situation and will always try to win. However, he adapts very quickly to his master’s lifestyle, whether he is athletic or not. These are dogs known for their ability to bark, so you will have to pay attention to this if it becomes troublesome.

10. Samoyede

Samoyede is an ancient breed, native to the cold regions of Northern Russia and Siberia. He was appreciated for its endurance and boundless energy.

Samoyede emotional support

The Samoyed is an independent dog that loves to own its territory. He is never against petting, especially from the children who he loves. Indeed, he has a playful, fun, and cheerful nature. His good humor makes him an excellent companion dog. He should not be used as a guard dog because he does not have a guard dog’s qualities and characteristics. He will not be suspicious of strangers. He prefers to play and have fun. Even if he is independent, he appreciates the company of his master. He is gentle and attentive.


Many dogs bring a lot of emotion to their owners. But the most important thing is to know which one is the best for your character, and you have to choose the one that suits you and your environment. Finally, If you have a other emotional support dogs that you would like to add to this list, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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