Can i keep my dog teeth clean without brushing ?

by The Loves Dog
Can i clean my dog teeth without brushing

Most people hear that there is a way to stop brushing their dog’s teeth and keep him clean and healthy. So we’ve seen them all in advertisements for some products. Is that true?

However, and to be honest with you, I’ve never seen a product like this that can remove them without brushing. Indeed, these products sometimes help a lot to remove up to 95% of the plaque, but to stop brushing your teeth forever, I do not recommend it.
This article will rely on studies and alternative methods to tell you how to clean dog teeth without brushing.

how to clean dog teeth without brushing

Before moving on to these methods, let’s take a look at the studies that have been done on brushing dogs’ teeth and what dental professionals are saying about it.

Tooth brushing studies :

A study by Ncbi indicates that 27.2% of the people who take care of brushing their dog’s teeth, and 35.9% do not do it regularly, the rest do not brush their dog’s teeth permanently. Besides several veterinarians, we add that the people who brush their dog’s teeth daily only need sometimes a simple cleaning without anesthesia. On the other hand, for the others that he brushes dog teeth only sometimes per week, only 40% are lucky enough to have a cleaning without anesthesia.

However, others suffer from major dental problems that require more advanced and quite expensive dental care.

why this 40% have no major dental problems :

These answers come from these veterinarians who also ask owners how they take care of their dogs’ teeth.

The feeding factor :

Most give their dogs quality, well-made kibbles that are good for their dog’s dental health because food from the rest of the table and wet food accumulates more bacteria than dry food.
Which requires mandatory daily care while brushing his teeth because if these bacteria are not removed, it will be easy to form plaque.

They use alternative methods :

Most of them use one of these methods that we are going to talk to you later. These methods make the stains easier for them since it manages to eliminate up to 90% of bacteria and plaque, then only a small part that remains, and with some care during the week, it may not cause problems.

6 ways to clean dog teeth without brushing :

We will now talk about these alternative methods that will show you how to clean dog teeth without brushing.

1 Bones :

By rubbing the teeth against the bone, the plaque that causes tartar is gradually removed. This method can be used as a complement to tooth brushing. It also allows the dog to clean the inside of the mouth and to ensure better breathing to the animal. And since bones contain minerals such as calcium, all these properties are beneficial for the dog.

Do not give :

  • Do not give a bone to a dog that has had dental surgery. Dogs that have had dental surgery may break their teeth and have dental problems.
  • Do not give bones with marrow to dogs with pancreatitis. The marrow is rich in fat and can cause a flare-up or diarrhea.
  • Don’t give your dog bones that can be swallowed whole. That depends on the size of your dog. A small chicken bone is not safe for a German mastiff, for example.
  • Don’t give your dog a bone cut lengthwise. A cut leg bone, for example, is more likely to break.

What you should give :

  • Give the bone after a meal. A hungry dog is more likely to chew and swallow a bone quickly.
  • Give your dog bones that are longer than the length of his snout. It will prevent them from swallowing.
  • Don’t let your dog chew over 15 minutes at a time. It reduces the risk of injury.
  • Refrigerate bones when not in use. Discard them after three or four days. It reduces the likelihood of contamination.

2. Dog dental wipes :

If you can put your fingers in your dog’s mouth, don’t hesitate to use dental wipes. They help you remove bacteria and plaque from your dog’s teeth.
This product is effective. It allows excellent oral hygiene, prevents bad breath, reduces plaque deposits, and fights gum inflammation.
It also allows a mechanical cleaning of the dental plaque and the bacteria that cause foul odors.

How to use it :

Take out a cotton wipe and gently rub the inside of your dog’s mouth and teeth for 60 to 10 seconds. Use these wipes every two to three days.

To avoid for security :

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Not to be ingested by humans.
  • Please do not give it to dogs under eight weeks of age.

3. Dental toys :

Most dogs like to play by chewing on objects (games, books, or other things), so it seems ideal to offer them some chew toys. These games will help reduce your dog’s plaque. They come in different shapes and textures.
It is essential to choose the quality of these games to be non-toxic and adapted to your dog.
There are different types of toys where you can even add toothpaste. It can help more.

4. Dental additives :

This fantastic product that was recently approved by veterinarians and the Veterinary Oral Health Council.
Using these puppy additives, you are saving your dog’s teeth, mouth, and gums by removing tartar and plaque build-up. It helps if you don’t brush your puppy’s teeth every day.
However, the dental additive breaks down harmful plaque and tartar and kills harmful germs. It can also help freshen their breath and keep blood germs away by killing harmful bacteria in your dog’s mouth.
Most veterinarians advise dog owners over 3 years of age to take these additives because they are more at risk for dental hygiene problems.

There are several forms of additives, such as :

  • A liquid additive that you can add to the water is for dogs who drink without any problem.
  • A powder additive you can mix in water uses the powder if several dogs or big dogs drink a lot of water.
  • A dental spray, Use the spray for dogs that don’t drink a lot of water in a bowl.

5. Dental treats :

Most dogs suffer from oral hygiene problems. Food residue that accumulates between the teeth often causes plaque and tartar to form.
The consequences are many, including bad breath, gum inflammation, and tooth loss. A visit to the veterinarian is essential in such cases. Dental treats are an effective solution to clean teeth and reduce plaque. Their soft consistency allows for a thorough cleaning, while the special shape and texture of the treats make them easy to hold between the dog’s front paws and clean the back teeth well.

6. Coconut oil :

Can coconut oil clean my dog's teeth

I like coconut and its oils. What this fruit gives is incredible. Believe me. If we make a list of the best fruits and oils, we will find the coconut will be with the top 10.
So why coco-oil is good for our dog’s teeth? First of all, coconut oil brings benefits to the dog. It improves the appearance of his skin, hair, and contributes to his excellent health. Also, it helps to fight against bad breath.
A dog’s bad breath is unpleasant for everyone. To give it good breath, brush your dog’s teeth regularly with coconut oil. Through its constituents, coconut oil helps to prevent mouth infections. Its fatty acids and its anti-bacterial power fight the presence of micro-organisms. It helps to remove stains that form on the teeth, mainly due to tartar and food remains.

Why take care of my dog’s teeth :

We have no choice if we don’t take care of these teeth, they will fall sick, your dog won’t be able to eat well, and always have a toothache, and you will always see him bleeding.
And when you want to take him to the vet for a dental anesthetic, it will cost a lot of money.
On the other hand, if you take care of him, you don’t have to pay a lot for the vet, and you’ll be happy because you’re taking care of him.

Why you must try to brush their teeth :

dog brush teeth with toothbrush

Tooth brushing is a better option because it remains manual by the owner. And even cheaper, some people have problems, their dogs refuse to brush their teeth.
In this case, you will try these alternative methods to avoid big problems. Then, try to get your dog used to brushing their teeth several times a week and reward him because this can only be a behavioral problem.

Conclusion :

I hope this article will help you. I have tried to inform you about several available products that will help you eliminate most dental problems. If you forget to brush your dog’s teeth, it will be to cover you until you do it, and the loves dog wishes you and your dog better health.

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