How to take care of a 6 week old puppy

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6 week old puppy

If you’re looking for tips on how to take care of a 6-week old puppy, this article is perfect. It was written by two dogs lovers with years of experience and know-how about the canine world.

Most people want to adopt a puppy and not an older dog. But therefore, a small dog needs a lot of care than an older dog. However, If you don’t take care of your 6-week-old puppy, his future health will be in real danger.
Don’t be afraid because taking care of a 6-week old puppy is not difficult at all. It only requires that the owner should learn how to take care of his puppy.
This article will help you learn how to care for your 6-week-old puppy, so read it carefully.

Can a puppy leave its mother at 6 weeks old ?

When puppies are born, they are too dependent on their mothers’ milk, love, and attention. However, if the mother does not feed her puppies enough, they will have some problems when they grow up.

A mother may not be able to nurse these puppies because she is not in good health. It can also happen when she died after giving birth to these puppies. In this case, they must be milk-fed with a bottle.

Therefore, and like many puppies that have been able to survive without their mother, then your puppy will be too.

What to feed a 6 week old puppy ?

Giving your dog good food from the beginning will help him get a good start in life and live. A 6-week old puppy is vulnerable and has important and specific needs. They are very active and grow quickly, so energy intake is essential during this period. As they eat only small quantities of food, it is necessary to choose one with high protein levels.

Puppy and dog program food.

The puppy feeding program changes week after week, and also it is different months after months.

  • Puppies less than three months old, it’s necessary to have four meals a day.
  • Puppies between 3 and 6 months old need three meals a day.
  • In the end, for puppies older than six months, it is enough to give them two meals a day.
6 of 6 old puppy are eating

All these meals must include what a puppy or an adult dog needs.
If you buy food, you have to look for the right food, such as a puppy or adult dog, but sometimes you can find breed choices because there are different weights. Then look if the food is balanced and complete, to know more about this, there is a whole document made by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Some important nutrition

  • Fat: this will make your puppy’s skin and hair healthy, helping the brain function better.
  • Protein: helps to beat the tissue of your puppy.
  • Carbohydrates: gives your dog energy to help him be more active.
  • Vitamins and minerals: This will help your dog fight disease, increase his energy, and stay healthy in general.
  • Water: you’ll want to be sure your puppy is drinking enough. That allows him to regulate his body temperature, protect his organs, joints, and tissues, digest better and eliminate waste.

Choose a dry food or wet food for my 6 week old puppy?

Most of us have heard about the different types of food available for your puppy, but did you know that there is a difference between wet and dry puppy food?
Dry food is food that contains less water (less than 7%). On the other hand, wet food contains up to 78%. This amount varies from one brand to another.
If you opt for dry food, you will only need a small amount to satisfy your puppy’s feeding needs.
In contrast, wet food is minus three times as much as dry food in terms of nutrition, which means you need a larger quantity to meet your puppy’s needs. Most puppies prefer wet food for its taste and smell, but it can cause dental problems if you don’t care for them. And since puppies don’t eat much, it’s best to give them dry food to ensure they are well fed.

How much water should be a 6 week old puppy drink?

Most pet owners’ questions are, “How much can puppy drink water? “because there are many factors to consider when figuring out how much water your puppy can drink.
These factors include heat, weight, activity, and sometimes even health conditions, so you should consult a veterinarian to learn more about your puppy’s health at a simple examination.
But growing puppies, despite their small size, drink more than their adult pets. As a general rule, young puppies need about half a cup of water every two hours and make sure the water is always fresh, so if you are still near, change it every two hours. But older puppies need between 10 and 20 ounces of water each day.
I will show you in the example below the amount of water your dog needs by weight and activity.

To have a simple example, we will consider all dogs measuring 1lbs in weight, such as:

  • Low activity: the dog should drink 0.85 ounces.
  • Medium activity: should drink 1.25 ounces.
  • High activity: should drink 1.75 ounces.

For instance, if my dog has low activity and 30 lbs, so the water that he should drink is 30*0.85= 25.5 ounces

Why my dog eats enough but doesn’t drink much?

Sometimes dog owners say that their dog doesn’t drink enough, but the problem is that they haven’t paid attention to the composition of the food they give. As we said at the beginning, Wet foods contain as much water as other dry foods, which means that there will be a lot of water in the food, and in most commercial wet foods, you’ll find up to 78% water. So if you choose dry food and your puppy isn’t drinking enough, it’s time to worry and consult a veterinarian.

Where should a 6 week old puppy sleep?

If your puppy still has his mother and is taking care of him, it is good to leave them to her. Otherwise, it will be difficult to leave him alone at night. You can place his crate near you in your room or in a corner where he can feel you next to him.
After that, you will have to put a blanket for him to feel more comfortable. If you don’t have a crate, try to put him some sheets and surround him to stay in his place at night.

It will help your little puppy get used to sleeping in this place, and after weeks you can get your puppy out of your room. It’s just that this place will be quiet and secure.
You can invest in a puppy crate, but I advise you don’t spend much money on it because after a few weeks, your puppy will grow up, and he needs some things big than his small puppy crate.

How much do 6 week old puppies sleep?

A puppy’s sleeping habits may seem natural, but they are still quite unusual compared to a mature adult dog’s behavior. Puppies sleep during the day while it’s warm and comfortable, and they become incredibly energetic so that the puppy can sleep between 15 and 20 hours.

6 week old puppy sleep on the carpet

Eating the right amount of food and sleeping well will help your puppy develop his brain and nervous system. It will strengthen your young puppy’s muscles and bones, allowing your growing puppy to be your sporting companion soon if you want one. Allowing your puppy to sleep as much as he wants will enable the immune system to function at its best. With enough sleep, your puppy will grow up healthy and won’t become at risk of infections and disease.

Can i give my 6 week old puppy milk?

Dogs consume milk during their growth phase, which means during the first weeks of their life, before weaning. In most cases, the mother supplies the puppy with milk herself if she can produce enough. However, in some situations, it is necessary to give formula to the puppy. It must be adapted to its metabolism to meet its dietary needs properly.

Industrial formula puppy milk

Usually available in powder form, there is also commercially available ready-to-use infant formula for puppies. Specially designed for the puppy’s needs, mix it with water, and heat it. It must then be decanted into a bottle to give it to the puppy. You can refer to the product packaging to follow the preparation advice.

If possible, always give preference to “industrial” puppy milk: they have at least the merit of being formulated to cover the puppy’s needs and be used in the best possible way. However, care should be taken to follow the recommendations for dilution, and to buy a quality product, rich in animal proteins (> to 30%) and low in lactose (< to 20%).

Can give Cow’s milk for my 6 week old puppy?

Cow’s milk can cause digestive problems, diarrhea, etc. Consequently, it can lead to dehydration, which can be fatal for the puppy. This food is not poison either. Some young dogs and adult dogs digest it very well.

If you want to give milk to your puppy, choose goat’s milk, which is often much more digestible.

Compared to cow’s milk, goat’s milk is often better tolerated due to the quality of its fat, the smaller size of the proteins it contains and its slightly lower lactose content. It is also richer in vitamins, especially vitamin A, as well as potassium and iron.

6 week old puppy toys

6 Week Old Puppy Toys are the most important toys a new puppy receives. A puppy’s toys must be of good quality and appropriate size because they will eventually outgrow their toys. It will happen to all puppies and is not due to any defects on the toys’ part.

After the first three months, a puppy’s toys can be changed as often as needed until they are no longer appealing. It is very important so that they do not grow attached to the toys and try to force their way into the playroom to get their toys back. Many problems have been reported in this area, mainly due to a lack of communication between owners and puppies.

When you buy your puppy toys, make sure to find ones that match their personality. Different toys can provide different benefits for a puppy, so consider all these aspects when buying toys. Toys for puppies include rubber toys, rattles, wooden toys, and rattan toys. Some dogs love the sound of rattles while others don’t. Make sure to choose a toy that both you and your puppy can enjoy.

There are also many different types of chewable toys available today. Many owners have found that their puppies love small pieces of cloth, especially if the fabric is made of soft fleece or cotton. They are also popular among younger puppies.

Most dog chew toys are made with plastic, but some are made of metal, too. Just make sure that the material is not toxic to a dog. Otherwise, you might have a problem on your hands. Plastic toys will usually last the longest, but metal toys tend to break easier.

You can also check online as there are lots of places online selling 6 week old puppy toys. Some are worth it because they will be durable and last long.

How to train a 6 week old puppy

Training puppies is always a little different than training an adult dog. It takes a different approach, so it is not as simple as following the same steps you would teach an adult dog. Puppies are smaller than adults, so you must take baby steps when teaching them. They will need time to grow into the habit of eating, sleeping, drinking, toileting, and socializing. You will not be able to do this overnight.

Puppy pups are cute, but they have certain habits that will need to be gotten rid of before becoming responsible citizens of the household. A little patience and consistency will go a long way. With the right tools and techniques, you can teach your puppy to behave in a new and exciting way.

Crate training 6 week old puppy

Most puppies prefer to sleep with you, which means they will need a crate because it is not acceptable to keep him always with you at night, so he will get used to bad behavior, which will not be right. To avoid this problem, he needs some other type of house training device that will allow them to sleep in their crate at night, which will provide security for your puppy.
step 1 :
Try to put a comfortable, soft blanket on him. If your dog doesn’t want to stay in the crate, don’t force him to do so. It can frighten him or make him feel trapped and frustrated.
You can always try other things and make sure your dog gets used to sleeping in the crate.
step 2 :
You can try to play with him in his crate and leave the door open to get out or in. When he can get out and return to his crate, he will feel free, and he will never be afraid to come in.
step 3 :
Most puppies love treats, try putting some in his crate to come in and take them, but don’t give him treats for anything. You should only give them if he did a good command or did something you tried to ask him to do.
step 4 :
Even these favorite toys can help your puppy stay in his crate, so try to put them in his crate to find them himself when you walk him in it.

Stop puppy chewing anything

Puppies can chew almost anything, including your furniture, books, anything that your puppy associates like a thing to chew. You may need to invest in some chew-resistant toys to discourage your puppy from chewing on things that are not for chewing.

puppy chew

Moreover, don’t try to offer them some of your home items because they can’t know the difference between yours and his own. You have to provide him with toys that are not at all similar to your household stuff. Also, try to make your stuff farther away from him that he can’t play with it when you are not there.

what you have to do to learn how to train a puppy

You can spend time learning on the internet or by books about puppies and dogs. It’s fun as well as you develop your knowledge about your puppy.
There are also online courses. Puppy online training courses are a terrific way to get your pet started on the road to a loving and well-behaved pet. Puppy training courses are very effective at helping you with your pet’s potty habits because they are fun to train with them. You won’t have to spend your time with your pet sitting down to watch it mess itself, or having it roll over on its back when you want to play fetch.
Training courses will help your pet not only to learn the fundamentals of good potty habits but also about good manners. They will follow commands correctly, know when to use them, and what not to do. It will help you with your job as a pet owner.
If you want to start using training courses in your home to train your puppy online, first check out all of the available different kinds. The easiest way to choose which one you should buy is to browse through the different websites that sell these products. You should be able to find one that will provide you with all of the information you need.


In closing, it’s a good thing to adopt a puppy. It can help you improve many things in your life. as for myself and all my friends. If you have any problem, come back to see us or do some research on the internet, and don’t forget that there is a veterinary near you that you can always consult.

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